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Course Offerings

Spring 2023 Course Offerings Course Description Credit Hours
HJS 102 Elementary Hebrew

Coverage of Hebrew grammar designed to prepare students to use Hebrew for their particular needs and programs.

Prerequisite: HJS 101 or RAE 130 or consent of instructor.

HJS 180 Holocaust Film

An exploration of the history of Holocaust film, beginning in the immediate aftermath of the war and continuing until the present day. MCL majors and minors must register for either the MCL or HJS prefixed section to earn credit to be applied to their MCL major or minor.

Same as MCL 180

HJS 210 Introduction to Jewish Literature

A multilingual, geographically expansive overview of Jewish literature from the biblical period to the present.

Same as MCL 210

HJS 324 Jewish Thought and Culture I: from Ancient Israel to the Middle Ages A survey of Jewish intellectual and material civilization from its beginnings in Ancient Israel to its efflorescence in the medieval period. 3.0
HJS 495 Independent Study in Judaic Studies

Independent study on a topic mutually acceptable to instructor and student in Judaic Studies.

Prerequisite: Declared minor in Judaic Studies.

HON 151 Honors Humanities: Enemies of Israel Enemies of Ancient Israel for Honors Students only. 3.0
MCL 390 Topics in Modern and Classical Languages, Literatures and Cultures: "Jewishness of Jesus"

Examination of a topic related to literary studies, cultural studies, or aspects of language. The course may be dedicated to the literature, culture or language of a particular group or nation or may compare literatures, cultures and languages. May be repeated up to 6 credits under different subtitles. This course counts as an elective for the MCL major.

Prerequisite: Determined by instructor.