Holocaust Rumor

Every part of the rumor you may have seen on the Internet alleging that, in response to complaints from the Muslim community, the University of Kentucky has banned the teaching of courses about the Holocaust, is false. There have been no complaints about the teaching of the Holocaust, either from members of the Muslim community or anyone else, and the University of Kentucky has never tried to interfere in any way with the freedom of faculty to teach academic courses on the subject. Jeremy Popkin, professor of history at UK, has regularly taught History 323: The Holocaust, since 1979, and continues to do so. Other courses related to the Holocaust have been taught in a number of different UK programs, and UK students have participated for credit in such programs as the March for Remembrance and Hope.

The UK Holocaust rumor started out as a garbled newspaper story in an English newspaper, over in “the UK,” and even that story was inaccurate. The origin of the rumor is explained on the Internet site www.snopes.com. The New York Times published a story exposing the rumor in its edition of Feb. 27, 2008.

If you receive an email version of this rumor, please do not spread it any further, and inform the person who sent it to you that the story is completely false. It is not necessary to contact us or the University of Kentucky about this matter: we have answered hundreds of inquiries about this rumor. We understand that many people are concerned about attempts to question the facts about the Holocaust, but those of us who work and teach at the University of Kentucky remain perplexed that so many people think it is possible that a major American research university might do something so contrary to the basic principles of academic integrity.