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Jewish Studies Minor

The Jewish Studies minor is open to all students at the University of Kentucky.  The minor in Jewish Studies requires 18 hours of coursework.  Featuring courses in language, literature, history, philosophy, culture, and religious studies, the minor introduces undergraduates to the more than 4000 years of Jewish culture and society. With 15 courses already on the books, the number and variety of offerings only continues to grow. Students who graduate with minors in Jewish Studies will find themselves equipped with strong research as well as critical reading, writing, and thinking skills poised to be leaders or continue their studies in a wide variety of fields.

If you are interested in learning more about the program or declaring a minor, please contact Director Sheila Jelen at

Required Courses:  (6 hours)
HJS 324 Jewish Thought and Culture I: From Ancient Israel to the Middle Ages 3 hours
HJS 325 Jewish Thought and Culture II: From the Expulsion from Spain to the Present 3 hours
Elective Courses:  (12 hours)
HJS 101 Elementary Hebrew I 4 hours
HJS 102 Elementary Hebrew II 4 hours
HJS 201 Intermediate Hebrew III 3 hours
HJS 202 Intermediate Hebrew IV 3 hours
PHI 504 Islamic and Jewish Philosophy and the Classical Tradition 3 hours
CLA 390 Roman, Jew and Greek: Backgrounds to Christianity 3 hours
HIS 330 History of Western Religious Thought I 3 hours
HIS 323 The Holocaust 3 hours
ENG 270 The Old Testament as Literature 3 hours
HJS 425 Topics in Judaic Studies 3 hours
HJS 326 Jews in America 3 hours
HJS 327 Women in Judaism 3 hours
HJS 495 Independent Study in Judaic Studies 3 hours
Other courses with significant Jewish studies content, as approved by the Director: to a maximum of 6 hours.