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Luckens Prize Recipients

2021: Andrew Sperling (American University) "’Living on a Sort of Island: Jewish Refugee Farmers in the American South"

Honorable Mention: Nicole van den Bogerd (Indiana University) “The Composer as Intellectual: Biblical Interpretation and Jewish Martyrdom in Alexandre Tansman’s Isaïe le prophète”

2020: Rachel Moss (Northwestern University) “Skrzypek as Jewish Stand-In: Fiddler on the Roof in Poland”                     

2019: Geoffrey Levin (Harvard University) “Our Partners for Peace?”

2018: Grace Overbeke (Northwestern University) “Jean Carroll: The Beginning of Jewish Female Standup Comedians”

2017: Sam Shonkoff (University of Chicago) “‘We Shall Do and We Shall Understand’: The Hermeneutical Afterlives of a Verse and the Birth of Embodied Theology”

2016: Judah Bernstein (New York University) "A Preacher in Exile"

Honorable Mention, Neri Ariel "Lost Jewish Culture Retrieved from Vienna Literary Treasures"

2015: Golan Moskowitz (Brandeis University) "Wild American Things"

2014: Yitzchak Schwartz (Center for Israel Studies at Yeshiva University) "The Hispanic Society Bible: Jewish Art and Identity on the Cusp of Modernity"

2013: Tania Tulcin (Yeshiva University) "Looking Down from the 'Tip of the Yud': Judah Leib Gordon's Critique of Rabbinic Culture in Late Imperial Russia."

2012: Rachel Scheinerman (Yale University) "'The Scepter Shall Not Depart from Judah': Jewish and Christian Messianic Interpretation of Genesis 49:10"

2011: Mark Beitman (University of Chicago School of Divinity) “Crisis and Mystical Creativity: Three Perspectives”

2010: Devorah Shubowitz (Indiana University) "How women have sought to become part of the rabbinic debate in traditional Judaism"

2009: Amitai Bin-Nun 2008: Ingrid Anderson (Boston University) "Leo Strauss, political theory and Judaism"

2007: Arie Dubnow (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) "Isaiah Berlin, nationalism and liberalism"

2006: Rebecca Scharbach (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) "To dwell in dignity: Maimonides on sense perception"

2005: Doron Shultziner (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) "A Jewish Conception of Human Dignity”

2004: Aaron Hughes (University of Calgary) "The Hermeneutics of Ocular Desire: Imagination and Aesthetics in the Dialoghi d'Amore."